climbing with talkies

As some of you may know I like to climb with walkie talkies during multi pitches. I bought the Motorola t82 extreme around half a year ago for 100 euros, I used it during approaches and multi pitches.

multi pitches

During multi pitches I found them quite handy they make communicating when you are out of normal hearing range easy.

During a harder pitch I could give my follower beta and help her mentally. Since she was new to multipitching she had some questions which I could answer in detail with the walkie talkie.

Normally you would have to fight the wind while screaming your instructions which I didn’t have to do.

I found the multi pitches so much more fun


I think one of the most under estimated parts of walkie talkies is the use during approaches. During my climbing trip we were looking for the other group for the hike back.

During the search we split up since it was easy to maintain contact with each other and communicate were this group was located. When the group was found my partner guided me which path I should take to get to the group.


All around I think the walkie talkies are a great investment for outdoors people. I hear a lot of positive feedback from people who used the walkie talkie for the day. I have yet to hear someone who used it who doesn’t want to use it again


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